Custom Storage Islands

At Modern Office Systems, we speak to clients all the time about saving space while creating functionality. Just like the kitchen is the heart of the home, an office needs a space where people can collaborate. We offer many solutions for this in the form of media stations, collaborative seating and more. But another area that can benefit any business is the Custom Storage Island. A storage island can incorporate flat files, open shelving and/or industrial parts drawers, cabinets or day use lockers.

It can provide storage in an otherwise empty space; the middle of a room. How does that work for a business? Depending on your storage requirements and office storage objectives, flat files can be utilized to house designer drawings which are easily accessed for discussion; vertical slots can house samples for easy access. Or what about jewelry/small parts storage? You can even make desking custom islands by incorporating day lockers into the island. Again, why waste space if you can store these small materials in easy reach of a working table?



Bottom line, Custom Storage Islands will allow another level of easy storage within any square footage of space. We are constantly looking at innovative ways to improve on this concept. We base our ideas on the needs of our clients so please feel free to share your storage frustrations. We promise to listen and provide exciting solutions.