Day Lockers

Designing an environment to accommodate today’s changes in work space requires a human-centered approach, one that gives equal weight to function and aesthetic. Day Use Lockers live at this intersection, allowing organizations to adapt to the need for more convenient, flexible spaces, while blending seamlessly with a building’s overall design.
66% of the companies surveyed by CBRE plan to adopt a shared desk strategy by 2020. With this study comes an urgency to find the right solution for locker storage, desking and collaborative spaces without losing out on style, functionality and individual space. With more employees working remotely and an increased desire for alternative work spaces, the need to provide communal space without compromising the desire of the on-site employees to have some privacy is a challenge. Day lockers can help in providing a sense of control for employees while they are still able to enjoy the new shared atmosphere of the open work space. Some ideas that we have include incorporating quiet spaces within the collaborative landscape.
The benefit of the day locker is a sleek alternative to personal desk/cabinet storage for keeping files, briefcases, laptops, shoes and personal items. The efficient use of empty wall spaces, custom islands or under desk space is a savings for the company also. Day lockers can be incorporated with collaborative desk areas.
The use of space is definitely expanding with day locker options. We have the solution for your space.